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Issues resolved

Ares A posted Nov 1, 16


Fortunately Apparition arrived at the scene at an incredible speed. And we've managed to fix the issues shortly after. The server is back online, and everything should now be working as it should! 
If you run into any issues, please use the ticket / modrequest command in-game. 

More about this in the near future, until then: Type /modreq or /ticket for further info. 


Happy Halloween Legends! 

We had not planned anything, unfortunately. Perhaps that we will prepare something if the demand is high.
Please comment below if you're interested; As there aren't many players online as of late.
This'd last until halfway this month. (November)

We hope you had/have a great holiday for those who celebrate Halloween!


Ares A Oh, it appears not everyone has access to the comment section to this post: I'll see what I can do! Sorry for any i...

Quick Server Update

Ares A posted Oct 30, 16


As some of you may have noticed: The server has been fairly quiet and is currently actually down.
Many of the staff and playerbase have started to become occupied by either their work or education, so that could possibly be one of the major reasons many players are currently missing. 
Apparition and I will try to be more active as soon as we can and give it our best to get more work done.

As for the server's downtime: There are some rather large issues that require our urgent attention and will be resolved as soon as possible. Until then: The server shall unfortunately remain down, for we have no other choice.

More updates in the very near future, so make sure to check this page regularly!

Thank you for your time and patience Legends!


PS: Also don't worry, a ticket that says 'The server is offline' has been created.
Sorry, bad joke. 

Beta Towny Server

Apparition A posted Aug 5, 15

The Towny server is now in open beta.  You can connect via /server Towny_New  The new map can be viewed at legendsmc.org/Map/Towny_New for now.

A whitelist proved to be more trouble than it's worth, so keep in mind that the server is not yet completed.  The spawn (including the admin shop and tutorials) is still being worked on, so players will not have access to them yet.  I will hand out any rewards you have earned or Legend kits after the spawn is up.  If you have any issues, report them either using /ticket or on the forums.  Asking for things that have not yet been implemented will not speed things up, however.

The old Towny server will be up for one or two more weeks, until the new server becomes our main Towny server.

No items or money will be transferred to the new Towny server, but my old offer still stands: If you have any buildings that you wish to transfer to the new server, let me know, and I will copy them for a price.  All chests will be emptied and diamond blocks deleted.  You will not have any access to these buildings until you can afford the land they are on.  You will also be deducted starting money or items.  The larger the transfer, the larger the price.

That's all for now.

The site is back!

Apparition A posted Dec 22, 14
As you can tell, the site is now active again.  We were not receiving donations, so we had to downgrade to the free plan.  This means we cannot use a custom domain with the Enjin site, so legendsmc.org now redirects to legendsmc1.enjin.com (since legendsmc.enjin.com was already taken), and we have lost 30 site modules, including the shout box.  On the bright side, and more importantly, the site will never be deactivated again.

All of the servers have been updated to 1.8.  Please be vigilant for bugs and broken plugins.  I tried to update all of the plugins, but I may have missed one or two.  Please report any issues to https://code.google.com/p/legendsmc-issues/issues/

Also, congratulate jtdawg24 on becoming moderator!

Happy holidays, and spread the word that Legends is back!

Games Games Games

NotYetRated A posted Feb 24, 14
The long wait is finally over. The games server is now alive and kicking. A ton of people contributed to make this happen, the list of which I cannot even begin to name. Many staff members and many members from the community really pushed and built some great maps, ran through some awesome configurations and got things going. Without all of you, none of us would have it up right now, as I have been busy elsewhere and really did not contribute at all to bringing this live.

For starters, right now we have Warhub up and running. The games server can be accessed via the main server Hub. If the portal itself is not working, remember you can always rclick on the signs!

I had a small hiccup in getting item transfers complete in time, but they will be here very shortly. So you WILL be able to bring over physical prizes/rewards from the games server, to Towny. Also, this afternoon I will be linking the economy of the games server to the main Towny economy. Some games cost a couple Silver to enter, but reward much more!

Over the coming few days, and weeks, more games and maps will be coming online, and I will post as they do.

As always, please comment in the forums on your thoughts of the maps, prizes, layouts, costs, everything.

Also to note, a special thanks to Vaeldor and Nephanie for keeping on me yesterday to make sure this thing released. Could not have done it without you guys. Another thanks to everyone who immediately joined in, helped test things out, and kicked my ass at some PvP to ensure things were working properly.
NephanieOracle Same here!
Vaeldor A Thanks! And yeah More maps coming, i got loads of ideas.